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Three Snow Culture Museums
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About the Three Museums
One of the snowiest regions in Niigata Prefecture is the Uonuma region.

The Japanese writer Suzuki Bokushi wrote about the way of life in the snowy Uonuma region in his work Hokuetsu Seppu. Just like the quote"Yuki arite chijimi ari, sareba echigo chijimi wa yuki to hito to kiryoku ainakabashite, meisan no na ari." says, the people in the Uonuma region developed a unique culture amidst the heavy snow; this is called "snow culture".

The Tokamachi CIty Museum, Tomiokai White Art Museum and Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum exhbit objects, art and memorabilia related to snow culture. These three museums aim to share the impact the snow has on life in the region. By looking around our exhibits, you can understand the beauty of snow, how diverse snow culture is, and how magnificient snow culture heritage is. Through these exhibits, we believe it will help you gain a deeper appreciation and affection for the snow.

With this decleration, we assure we will work together towards developing and expanding new platforms for the snow culture.




The "Three Museums Declaration of Partnership" was signed


The three museums cooperated in promotion projects


Museum Concert


An entry ticket for all three museums and a leaflet was created / Speech: Mr. Kenichi Harada "How To Attract More Visitors"


Speech: Mr. Noboru Hasebe "Evaluating Tomioka Art"


Speech : Mr. Keiichi Tanaka "A Lifestyle and Culture That Came From the Snow" / 5th Anniversary Exhibition


Promotional leaflets was created


Leaflets are reprinted


Website for the three museums was created / Participated in the Echigo-Tsumari Art Field "Rakuichi Rakuza"


Speech: Mr. Kenjiro Umeda "Uonuma's Climate and Culture Facilities"


10th Anniversary


Speech: Mr. Yutaka Aoki "Studying the Museum"


Presentation: "Three Snow Culture Museums" by foreign exchange students


Special temporary exhibit of Foreign Items / Snow Pictures Exhibit "The Interwoven Culture Between People and Snow (Nagaoka City Central Library)


The PR strategy of the Three Snow Culture Museums was completed


The "Three Snow Culture Museums Stamp Rally" was implemented


The 10 Year Anniversary of the Three Snow Culture Museums' Partnership
2002 marked the 10 year anniversary of the partnership between the three snow culture museums. In commemoration, the three museums held the "Hokuetsu Seppu and Uonuma's Climate" exhibit.

The "Hokuetsu Seppu and Uonuma's Climate" exhibition is about Bokushi Suzuki, the writer of Hokuetsu Seppu, and his experiences with snow culture in the Uonuma region and other parts of Snow Country during his lifetime. The exhibit consists of 120 items including: tools used in winter, devices needed for Echigo Chijimi's production and trading, as well as Tomioka Soichiro's western paintings, drawings, folding screens, and more.

At the opening ceremony of the Tomioka White Art Museum, the Tokamachi City Mayor, Muikamachi Town Mayor, and the Shiozawa Town Board of Education Superintendent conducted a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Afterwards, a total of 160 people participated in the large lecture and reception.

Additionally, a picture book containing comments collected from the exhibition as well as the lecturer is a popular sell at the museum. (The picture book is 300 yen)
Exhibition Duration and Lecture Topics at Each Musuem

Tomioka White Art Museum
Memorial Event: "Snow and Jomon"
Speaker: Mr. Tatsuo Kobayashi (Kokugakuin University Professor/Niigata Prefectural History Museum Director) (position held at the time)

Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum
Memorial Event: "From the World of Hokuetsu Seppu"
Speaker: Mr. Minoru Takashi (Niigata Prefecture Folklore Society Executive Director) (position held at the time)

Tokamachi City Museum
Memorial Event: "Snow Country Geography Journal - Uonuma's Climate and Culture"
Speaker: Mr. Takeo Ichikawa (Nagano Prefectural History Museum Director) (position held at the time)


"Three Snow Culture Museum Stamp Rally"
The Tokamachi City Museum, Uonuma City Tomioka White Art Museum, and the Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum have organized a stamp rally!
1. Discounted Entrance Fee
Tokamachi City Museum: 50 yen off
Uonuma City Tomioka White Art Museum and the Suzuki Bokushi Memorial Museum: 20% off general admission

2. Special Prize
After getting stamps from all three museums, present your stamps to the last museum you visit to receive a special souvenir.
Where To Get the Stamp Rally Papers

The materials needed to participate in the stamp rally are available at any participating tourism facilities in Tokamachi City, Minami Uonuma City, and Yuzawa Town.

* The stamp rally will finish when all available materials have been given out.