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The Flame-style Pottery (National Treasure)

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Flame-style Pottery (National Treasure)

The kaenfgata doki gflame-style potteryh are the most outstanding items exhibited in the Tokamachi City Museum. They were excavated, as part of a larger archeological find of 928 items, from the Sasayama Site in Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture. Today, this collection of Jomon period artifacts is designated as a National Treasure.

They are covered with a distinguishing 3-dimensional pattern, and bear an exceptional primitive beauty of form. It is thought that their peculiar shape and design, which took influences from pottery styles of surrounding regions, came into being around 3300 BC and developed for half a millennium in the basin area of the Shinano Riverfs middle reaches. The fact that production of this pottery was distributed centrally in Japanfs heaviest snowfall region provides us with valuable insight into the social realm of the time.

We can be certain that these vessels were used to boil foodstuffs as many were found to have carbides on their insides. However, the fact that some have no trace of carbides has also led researchers to believe they may have served purpose in a more extraordinary setting such as a festival or ritual.

There are 14 works of flame-style pottery vessels, and 3 works of crown-type pottery vessels – which have a similar shape and design to the flame-style pottery – counted in the collection that has been designated as a National Treasure.

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Flame-style Pottery   Crown-type Pottery
Height 46.5cm
Max Diameter 43.8cm
Height 35.6cm
Max Diameter 34.2cm
Height 43.7cm
Max Diameter 40.4cm
  Height 26.2cm
Max Diameter 27.4cm
Height 21.2cm
Max Diameter23.1cm

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Exhibition of the Flame-style pottery

57 items of deep jar pottery were excavated from the Sasayama site in Tokamachi City. Among these, there is one artifact which stands out from the rest; it has been given the nickname gFlame-style Pottery No.1h, or simply gNumber 1h.

  We are unable to display all of the pottery in the National Treasure collection at one time so we rotate which ones are on display at set intervals. gNumber 1h is exhibited on the dates listed below. Please check before visiting.

Flame-style Pottery No.1
2019 Exhibition Dates of Flame-style Pottery No.1

February 5th to March 10th
April 27th to June 9th
July 27th to December 1st

These dates may change slightly at our convenience.
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